Full Flight Simulator (ELITE)

We provide complete full flight, full motion simulators or complete sections of a simulator, depending on the client’s requirements. These are the highest quality FFS (Full Flight Simulator) solutions for international JAA and FAA certification levels of up to level D.

Motion Platform
Latest state-of-the-art electric motion platforms for use in motion simulators. These provide the highest level of fidelity for all simulator certification levels. Further integration with all required structures and linkages as well as on-site client support regarding facility requirements is also provided.

In addition to motion systems, we also provide and integrate high fidelity control loading systems for flight deck controls such as yokes, pedals, autothrottles and other controls that need physical feedback and movement control.

Simulator Structures
Simulator Structures
Parts of any simulator structure with high quality components, designed and manufactured in-house which include:

  • Base frame
  • Cockpit shell
  • Simulator cabin and instructor facilities
  • Server frames
  • Linkages
  • Access components
  • Visual system components
  • Outside panels (polyester/carbon fiber)
Flight Deck Control Panels
These panels combine custom or original aircraft switches and knobs with a back-lit indicator plate, all electronics and software and can be connected to the simulator host via serial or ARINC interface.

Examples of flight deck control panels include:

  • Display Unit
  • Mode Control Panel
  • Audio Control Panel
  • Radio Control Panel
  • Systems control panels (hydraulics, pneumatics, etc)
  • Flight deck light, audio and oxygen components
  • Other flight deck furnishings
Flight Deck Control Panels
Simulator Electronics
Simulator Electronics
From the electronics that control simulator motion and control loading motors to the electronics powering flight deck avionics, all electronics are designed in-house and manufactured to your requirements and specifications. Simulator databus connections are available through ARINC or custom standards.
Simulator Design
Our design expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • simulator structures and linkages
  • flight deck (aircraft) components
  • flight deck (aircraft) software
  • simulation software
  • visual system
  • simulator esthetics
  • motion and control loading solutions
simulator design

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